Monday, July 8, 2013


Today I'm sharing an invocation I wrote to Oberon, the Faery King. I have found his energy to be much older and darker than his portrayal in Victorian art and writing. If you use this invocation, please share your experience of him as well.

By Laura Perry

Lord Oberon, fly now to me
From Faery Land where you do dwell.
Come to my light from out the mists
And touch me, hold me oh so well
That I may know your darkest face
And love you as the tales do tell.

For I am Lady of the Woods
And I would have you dance with me,
Dark Oberon, in full moonlight
Beneath the sacred white oak tree,
For though I shine when She is full,
Full darksome may I also be.

Come lie with me and in me know
The fire that rages in the wood,
That holds the Wild Things in its thrall,
That burns through both the bad and good
To find the altar in us all,
To honor power in the blood.

So let us dance and let us love
In dark woods deep from dusk to day
And let us show the Old Ones here
That we still keep the sacred way,
For while we walk in both the worlds
We hold the emptiness at bay.